best time to send emailRising above the clutter and noise in the inbox is your goal. First impressions are critical in email marketing and although the subject line grabs attention, when does it grab attention? If your email is sent at the wrong  time, your message may be buried by emails received after your email. Your prospect may start with the newest emails first, ignoring older emails further down the queue.

Here are some examples of what we’ve observed in our email marketing, but all audiences are different and you need to design tests on your customer list to determine what works for you.

Email open rates by day

If you’re sending business-to-business emails, sending on Saturdays or Sundays may give you a low open rate. We’ve seen a recent improvement in open rates on Saturday for emails sent late Friday, so that’s worth testing on your email list.  Our email market research shows that business-to-business and consumer emails sent Mondays, especially Monday mornings, receive a significantly lower open and click-through rate than messages sent other days of the week.

Consumer emails sent on weekends or evenings, when consumers view their home email accounts, can have higher open rates. Emails sent during business hours can get buried by the later weekend or evening emails. Like our late Friday business email example in the previous paragraph, one major online retailer is having a lot of success with consumer emails sent late Fridays.

Hedges & Company’s market research shows that emails sent in the afternoon generally receive a better open rate than morning or evening messages. It’s important to note any analysis of email view rates and click-through rates can’t be done in a vacuum. The “from” address, day, time, and subject line all affect the open rate. A/B tests are critical to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison of what’s working. A key point here is that you should use this as a starting point. Testing, along with knowing your target audience, will enable your email marketing campaigns to be more successful to your customer list.

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