A friend of ours, Rob Eberhart, posted a good checklist to follow if you’re considering selling automotive performance parts and accessories online. Rob’s an expert on selling auto parts online and works at Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi), and his blog is over on the CatalogRack eStore site, found here. His checklist is good advice for anyone starting out.

His six most important things to check off:
1). First, decide how you’ll sell online: turnkey website, through shopping sites like eBay, or build your own site from scratch (very expensive!).
2). Don’t forget the data! The average online store sells about 5,000 part numbers, and the typical eBay store has 2,000 to 4,000 live auctions. Rob points out that if you could create one complete product listing every 20 minutes, it would take one person a staggering 41 weeks to create 5,000 part numbers, at 40 hours a week! And industry-wide, an average of 300 existing part numbers are changed or updated per week!
3). You need a shopping cart to process credit cards.
4). Complete shipping info including rates.
5). Online marketing for your store.
6). Site search.

For more information contact Rob through CatalogRackeStore.com. Rob tells us he’ll also be out at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas answering questions.