Car enthusiast statistics, market size and automotive eCommerce blogs

Looking for information on the car enthusiast statistics, auto eCommerce blogs, or even SEMA market research? You’re at the right place! Here are some snapshots of SEMA market research as well as other market research, along with some good links to information sources for the automotive industry.

Car enthusiast market size

The specialty equipment market is more than $44 billion in 2019.

  • 2019 forecast: $45.8 billion
  • 2018: $44.6 billion
  • 2017: $42.92 billion
  • 2016: $41.16 billion
  • 2015: $39.09 billion
  • 2014: $37.18 billion

This data comes from SEMA market research, which indicates around 4% year-over-year growth for the current period. The automotive aftermarket is approximately 70% do it for me (DIFM) and 30% do it yourself (DIY).

Hedges & Company forecasts the size of the automotive ecommerce market on our blog.

Automotive aftermarket news sources and blogs

There are many good sources for news on the automotive aftermarket. Here are a few we recommend:

Aftermarket News, from Babcox Media. Aftermarket News mostly covers the OEM replacement part of the industry. It has good coverage of industry events and news. You can subscribe to a weekly email newsletter for free.

The Greensheet/Autocare Week. Published independently for decades, the GreenSheet covers performance and OEM replacement news. An annual subscription is $225. This site covers general aftermarket industry news and pulls releases from PR Newswire. There is also a page that covers news from SEMA.

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) has a section on their website for automotive industry news. You can even subscribe to email newsletters.

The Automotive Aftermarket Supplier’s Association (AASA) has a section on their website for automotive industry press releases.

We also cover the automotive industry on our blog. Here’s a recent example of an automotive industry analysis where we look at eCommerce. Here’s a link to a page that covers marketing for automotive industry topics. If you want to know new car buyer demographics follow this link.

How big is the automotive industry?

In 2017 the automotive aftermarket employed 4.6 million people in the United States according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Auto Care Association puts the US motor vehicle auto care industry, automotive segment, at $296 billion in 2018 (in consumer dollars), with the medium and heavy duty vehicle segment at $96.4 billion (in consumer dollars) for a total of $392.4 billion. Vehicle parts manufacturers make up 2.4% of the US gross domestic product (GDP).

The auto parts industry can be tracked through the US Census Bureau. Follow NAICS code 4413, which covers “automotive parts, accessories, and tire stores.”

We are often asked about the aftermarket industry’s trade shows. “How big is the SEMA Show?” is a common question, if you have the same question just click on that link. It’s one of the 10 largest trade shows in the U.S.

Automotive aftermarket analysis and trends, automotive eCommerce blogs

One source we like to recommend for analysis is our own blog! Visit our automotive aftermarket and trends analysis blog section to learn more.

You can also learn more about analysis and trends and eCommerce blogs at the Web Shop Manager blog or the Magento blog.

SEMA research market size

To learn more about SEMA market research visit and look for their annual market reports.

Auto parts news

Looking for more auto industry data and statistics? Try the Automotive Market Research Council (AMRC). They’re a non-profit organization founded in 1966, dedicated to market research within the automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway industries. Also try the Automotive News Magazine data center for auto industry news and statistics.

Automotive enthusiast buying cycle

Many enthusiasts will take time before buying. Here is the average length of time between when an enthusiast decides to buy a part, and when it is actually purchased. This will vary depending on market segment:

  • 1 day: 5%
  • Less than one week: 30%-35%
  • 1 week: 18%-25%
  • 2 weeks: 20%-25%
  • 3-4 weeks: 10%-17%
  • 1 month or longer: 5%-10%

Automotive aftermarket report margin of error examples

Automotive parts retailers: 381 responses are required for a margin of error +/-5%. 469 responses are required for a margin of error of +/-4.5%. 769 responses are required for a margin of error of +/-3.5%. Automotive enthusiast consumers: 385 responses are required for a margin of error +/-5%. 475 required for +/-4.5%. 1,067 required for +/-3%.