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When it comes to your brand, leave nothing to chance. Use an experienced automotive market research company.

At Hedges & Company, we’re pioneers in the field of automotive market research. We use a scientific combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Customer surveys, brand research and brand perception measurement all give you a detailed analysis of your market and your brand.

Custom automotive market research shows you how the market sees your automotive products and your company. Our in-depth automotive market research gives your company the meaningful insights you need to grow your sales.

automotive market research company

Automotive Focus Groups

The foundation of our qualitative research is found in our automotive focus groups. Drawing on our decades of experience, we create and moderate focus groups that deliver authentic research to reveal how consumers perceive your products.

We can create and moderate both online and in-person focus groups. Julie Hedges is a trained focus group moderator and has years of experience with automotive focus groups.

  • Evaluation of a brand
  • Idea generation for new products
  • Idea generation for product improvements
  • Advertising campaign evaluation
  • Support for new product development

Automotive Market Surveys and Other Automotive Market Research

Surveys present an excellent way to gain insightful automotive market analysis. Since our founding, we’ve surveyed well over a half a million vehicle owners and automotive enthusiasts. Building on that experience, we create scripted market research surveys designed to increase response rates while reducing your margin of error.

To create a seamless user experience, our sophisticated software creates online surveys hosted on either a dedicated webpage or embedded into your own website. The result is market research data that is highly actionable due to its accuracy.

Understand your market through the power of vehicle registration statistics. We’ve developed an automotive database that includes statistics for all 126 million households nationwide. Using that market research data, we create reports that dive deeply into demographic information—giving you the tools to make informed marketing decisions.

  • Demographics of automobile, truck and motorcycle owners
  • Vehicles in Operation (VIO) analysis by make and model
  • Forecasts of vehicle ownership

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Hedges & Company offers a full selection of automotive market research services to have a clear understanding of your market as well as your market potential.

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