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Call us for your next automotive research project, we're one of the leading automotive market research companies in the aftermarket and members of the Marketing Research Association. We're experts at customer surveys, focus groups, brand research, brand perception and other types of qualitative or quantitative aftermarket market research. We're a pioneer in aftermarket market research and have surveyed well over half a million vehicle owners and race fans on why and where they buy.

Market research reports

We have research reports covering the automotive aftermarket available to purchase and download in our Research Store.

Automotive focus groups automotive market research

We have years of experience in the automotive aftermarket conducting surveys, creating automotive market research reports and moderating automotive focus groups. Focus groups let you get personal with your customers to find out what they think and why. In a focus group, you can pose follow-up questions and probe more deeply into why a participant has a specific opinion about a topic. We recruit your participants, select a facility, prepare the focus group topics of discussion, moderate the discussion, and even provide a DVD of the focus group for you to refer to later. We also offer online focus groups which are great for new product launches—get the benefits of a focus group with a nationwide panel, without large travel expenses. Online focus groups can also be done blind with completely confidentiality.

Brand market research

We've done extensive research on brand perception, size of market and Net Promoter Score® research. Understand your brand strengths and weaknesses.

Automotive focus group benefits

Here are a few goals focus groups can be used to achieve:

•Understand consumer perception of products
•Measure brand perception
•Prepare a confidential new product launch
•Evaluate a weak brand
•Generate ideas for new products
•Generate new ideas for existing products
•Evaluate advertising campaigns
•New product development

Automotive market analysis to help you make decisions

Hedges & Company comes through with insightful automotive market analysis. Instead of long, confusing reports filled with charts and unclear language, we use our experience in the automotive aftermarket to interpret results for you and help you clearly understand the opportunities for your company. You can take our results into a meeting and make informed decisions.

Using online surveys with photos you can quickly see customer preferences for function, color, form, and other variables before launching a new product. Let us help you create your on-line focus groups to evaluate all your new products.

With carefully planned scripting, jump logic or piping, we can pare down lengthy surveys into shorter, more concise surveys that increase response and decrease margin of error. Our sophisticated software allows your survey to have a dedicated web page or can be embedded into your own web site for a seamless customer experience.

We can direct participants to your survey project via outbound emails or with hyperlinks that can be embedded in your web site, on your Facebook page, or in online advertising.

SEMA market research reports

Hedges & Company has created market research for SEMA and we conducted the monthly SEMA Financial Benchmarking project for over seven years.

Download aftermarket market research reports

If you're not in the market for custom market reports, visit our Market Research Store to see our unique, downloadable aftermarket market research reports.

Market research in the automotive industry

Julie Hedges heads up the automotive market research practice at Hedges & Company. Her experience in focus groups, analysis, surveys and qualitative/quantitative (known as "quant/qual" in the biz) goes back 20 years. She has managed focus groups of automotive consumers and business managers, and has conducted hundreds of online surveys. Give Julie a call at (234) 380-1650 to discuss your next research project.