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"The auto industry's highest quality mailing lists!"

Hedges & Company clients use the industry's most accurate mailing lists.
Here are 7 things to know about us and our list data:

1. Our list data is accurate because it comes from multiple sources

Our data comes from warranty companies, automobile dealerships, major national car clubs, online insurance quotes, automotive service chains and insurance companies. Also, we're industry experts on source data in the automotive industry; we don't do mailing lists for gardening, clothing, mortgages, or anything else, just automotive. More >

2. Our list data is accurate because it goes through a rigorous validation process designed for automotive data

access screen300x200We pull your data from a masterfile that only uses records validated by at least two separate sources, with VIN. Each record must be confirmed by a third source within 12 months to remain in the database. Plus, all our mailing list data goes through regular maintenance with USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) updates and goes through a deduping process. Email data goes through a regular email Change of Address (ECOA) process. This means you waste less money on non-delivered mail. We'll be up-front: we're not the cheapest, but we're confident we're the best. More >

3. You get most selects at no extra charge

We can fine-tune your mailing list by number of vehicles in the household, income, ethnicity, DIY activity, the household's direct mail response history, and more. More >

4. You get precision targeting at no extra charge

scopeWhen you get an automotive direct mail list, we can target your prospects with precision. You can select mailing lists by year, make or model, by ZIP code, by a radius around a ZIP code, by county or state, or many other options. More >

5. We're experts at email marketing and direct mail

email direct mail100x67We've been doing direct mail, mailing lists and email for over a decade at Hedges & Company and our total experience in direct marketing spans four decades. We also do managed email marketing and database marketing for clients and have expertise building profitable segmentation strategies and catalog mailing models. More >

6. We can audit your your online marketing

magnifyingglass300x250If you're concerned your marketing strategy is not on-target, or you don't think you've been getting the results you should, get an audit. We're experts at marketing, analyzing direct mail response, email stats, setting up Google Analytics to measure email response, site code, organic or paid search, and more. Get a complete analysis and see how you measure up to best practices. More >

7. We're active in the aftermarket industry and we understand automotive data

logo array201x109We've been in the powersports, motorsports and aftermarket industries for a long, long time. We love the automotive industry and we still play with cars and trucks. We attend auto industry trade shows, we're active in auto industry events, and have been invited to speak at the SEMA Show, CAN Connect (formerly the PWA Conference), the PRI Show, AASA conferences, and other industry events. More importantly, we understand how to reach the consumers that drive this industry.

A note about DMV mailing lists

Our lists are compiled from multiple sources. Although only a handful of states actually do release their DMV vehicle owner data for marketing, the citizens have the option to opt-out of being on these marketing lists. Our lists do not come from DMVs, they are compiled from numerous other sources, which is why we cover all 50 states and the District of Columbia so well.

Auto parts marketing success stories

Working with one client we did extensive analysis on customers over several years and in one year we reduced annual expenditures well into six figures with minimal impact to overall sales, adding significantly to the company's net profit... We created a database program for a client and sent an email offer to 11,000 of the best prospects and generated over $75,000 in sales in 48 hours... We developed customer contact strategies by channel and saved over $150,000 with no adverse sales impact, sending all of that to the bottom line... We took over managing a paid keyword search campaign designed to send web traffic to a client's site and increased the click-through rates 500%... We created a new media plan for a client and saved more than $40,000 per year through improved targeting...We found tens of thousands of potential new customers for a client based on a customer profile that we created that tied into mailing lists available through numerous data companies. Here are more examples of our client work.