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auto parts website auditKnow the strengths and weaknesses of your website and digital marketing strategy. It’s absolutely critical in today’s competitive business environment.

We’ll give you a fact-filled appraisal on you and on your competitors.

We do audits on new websites or well-established sites.

With an in-depth website SEO audit or digital marketing audit you’ll know how your site stacks up to your peers in the automotive aftermarket. Evaluate the effectiveness of your search engine rankings and site visibility. Discover the impact of site speed on conversion rate. Check your navigation and website taxonomy vs. best practices.

Your audit gives you actionable steps to improve your online presence, brand visibility and marketing.

Usually our audits pay for themselves in one month. And if you come on board with us, we can credit you back what you paid so your audit becomes free!

Maximize visibility on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

See if site speed hurts your organic rankings and website conversions

Improve site navigation, conversion rate and the user experience

Measure your growth: faster or slower than competitors

Discover where your site visitors and buyers come from

Discover security or coding issues

Have us dig into specific questions or concerns you have

See if you’ve been affected by Google algorithm changes

Website SEO Audit
Complete evaluation of your website content, website structure and organic rankings.
Designed for manufacturer or retailer websites.
Best for evaluating an existing website vs. your competitors.
You get a 10 to 20 page detailed report
Complete audit of your site traffic
Complete audit of on-site content with recommendations
Complete audit of site navigation and evaluation of user experience (UX) vs. best practices
Audit of meta data, titles, microschema, JSON-LD code and alt tags vs. best practices
Comparison of competitor websites to find weaknesses and opportunities
Evaluation of conversion rates, benchmarking and conversion rate optimization (CRO) recommendations
Audit of mobile-friendliness of your site and analysis of mobile traffic vs. best practices
Audit of social media marketing goals and effectiveness vs. best practices in the automotive industry

Get Your Website Audit

Digital Marketing Audit
Complete evaluation of your digital marketing, online presence and analysis of your competitors.
Designed for manufacturer or retailer websites.
Evaluate your digital marketing strategy.
You get a 10 to 20 page detailed report
Complete audit of your site traffic
Audit of digital marketing strategy with recommendations
Audit of Google Ads and Bing Ads including campaigns and account structure vs. best practices
Comparison of competitor websites to find weaknesses and opportunities
Evaluation of your site conversion rates and recommendations
Evaluation of your site's user experience (UX) vs. your brand messaging and identity, and your marketing goals
Evaluation of your digital marketing ROI vs. automotive industry best practices
Complete evaluation of your current website Content Management System (CMS) platform

Get Your Marketing Audit

At Hedges & Company, we’ve established ourselves as experts in Google Analytics code, social media, Google Ads and conversion rate optimization (CRO). With this extensive knowledge, we take an up-close look at your site’s inner workings. This includes:

Performing a website content audit and technical audit.

Evaluation of your automotive conversion rate optimization.

Comparing your site against competing sites.

Identifying potential gaps and providing strategies to help close them.

Discovering the SEO efficiency of your site.

Exposing your website’s weakness.

Setting a strategic improvement plan.

Discover the Difference

We’re experts in the aftermarket auto parts industry and we know what it takes to make your site a real success.

Using our nearly three decades of automotive aftermarket knowledge, we’re able to accurately tell you how your site is performing according to expected automotive conversion rates, click-through rates and organic vs. paid traffic.

Best of all, new Hedges & Company clients may qualify for a 100% credit on our auditing services.