Make sure your website is being found with a site & marketing audit

We're experts at analyzing Google Analytics, site code, organic and paid search results and more.

If you're concerned your site isn't being found, you're paying too much for marketing, or your site isn't structured correctly, get an audit from the experts.

We're experts at Google Analytics code, conversion optimization and Google AdWords.
You get a complete analysis of your site, your competitors' sites, and how you measure up to best practices.
You can get an analysis of your mobile site vs. non-mobile site.
We'll tell you how you compare with expected conversion rates, click-through rates, organic vs. paid traffic and more!

The table below shows everything you can expect from our complete marketing and site audit of your website, including recommendations, evaluations, and comparisons to digital marketing best practices. Plus, new clients of Hedges & Company may qualify for a complete 100% credit of the audit fee.

Website Audit and Marketing Audit Services IncludedIncluded
Complete evaluation of sources of current site traffic vs. best practice site audit
Complete evaluation of on-site content, including screening for duplicate content content audit
For manufacturers selling direct for the first time: list of site requirements and shopper expectations content audit
Complete evaluation of meta data, titles, microschema and alt tags vs. best practice meta data audit
Comparison of competitor websites to find weaknesses and opportunities audit marketing
Complete evaluation of marketing costs including cost per click or per conversion, vs. best practice email marketing
Complete evaluation of opportunities to improve site conversion rates email marketing
Complete evaluation of mobile-friendliness of your website and analysis of mobile traffic vs. best practice SPF record
Complete evaluation of social marketing activities and effectiveness social marketing
Complete evaluation of Google AdWords and Bing Ads including campaigns and account structure adwords bing ads
Complete evaluation of conversion tracking in Google Analytics, AdWords linking and cross-device conversion tracking customer retention strategy
Complete evaluation of product data, or new data source opportunities from SEMA Data Coop, DCi, or other data providers customer retention strategy
Complete evaluation of your current email marketing vs. best practices email marketing audit
Overall evaluation of your digital marketing ROI vs. best practices in the automotive aftermarket online marketing best practice
Complete confidentiality online marketing audit
Complete evaluation of your current website Content Management System (CMS) platform testing subject lines
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Conventional vs. automotive digital agencies: What's the big difference anyway?

Here's a handy comparison chart of our knowledge in the automotive aftermarket online marketing arena that shows why we are different than non-automotive digital agencies. Feel free to ask us questions about this list, or keep it in mind when you talk to any digital marketing agency that specializes in email marketing.

Automotive Marketing ActivityAutomotive Digital Marketing AgencyNon-Automotive Digital or Advertising Agency
Segmentation strategies:
Aftermarket shoppers have specific interests and shopping/browsing habits, for example, parts for a Cummins diesel engine in a Ram truck. As experts in automotive marketing we understand how a search for this product is different from someone who is a Powerstroke diesel or F-250 owner. Conventional agencies not familiar with the automotive aftermarket probably don't understand what makes one vehicle or engine different than another.
Site marketing strategies: We often recommend strategies to be found in a variety of ways, to match how consumers shop based on year, make, model, part function, part type, part symptom or brand & part number. Conventional digital marketing agencies or advertising agencies may not understand the fundamental ways car, truck, motorcycle or ATV buyers shop for products.
Be familiar with auto parts functions and descriptions:
When we evaluate your AdWords account or your Google Analytics, and even your site content, we'll look for important words and phrases to maximize your site's visibilty as well as your site's conversion rate. Agencies not experienced in the aftermarket may not be familiar with auto or truck parts, their purpose or function, or why an enthusiast would consider buying a product in the first place.

About our experience: Hedges & Company has been around since 2004 but our experience managing Internet marketing dates back to the 1990s. Our team members have been involved with online marketing in the automotive aftermarket longer than anyone else we can think of. Let us get started managing your online marketing, give us a call or send us an email today.

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