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Looking at the best programmatic advertising companies? We offer real time bidding (RTB) for automotive advertisers

If you’re in the automotive industry we’re one of the best programmatic advertising companies out there. And one of best native advertising agencies in the automotive, too. That’s because we understand automotive parts and DIY audiences better than other agencies.programmatic advertising companies

We lead you through the extremely complex world of programmatic advertising (sometimes called real time bidding or RTB) and make it simple for you. “Programmatic advertising” is an option outside of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing).

How do programmatic advertising companies work?

So how does programmatic advertising work? Here’s a very simplified illustration. First we set up your advertising campaigns. These can be campaigns to show on certain websites, any website where an automotive buyer visits, or on mobile apps.

Then we link these marketing campaigns to specialized aftermarket audiences that we select and build. To make audience buying work, we use ad exchanges to show your brand to these audiences. These ad exchanges use algorithms and real time bidding (RTB) to place your ads on websites or on apps.

Audiences can be behavioral, in-market (consumers ready to make a purchase), self-reported, or based on buying history. These are known as “third-party” audiences. They can also be remarketing audiences of visitors to your own website. These are “first-party” audiences. In all cases audiences are anonymized to protect privacy.

Programmatic advertising is a cost-efficient and data-driven approach to paid search, outside the Google system. It has grown so rapidly in the past few years in industries outside of the aftermarket, that it now includes 70% of all display ad spending around the world.

We recommend a minimum of 300 x 250 pixels (most popular), along with 728 x 90, 336 x 280, 160 x 600, 300 x 600 and 970 x 90.

For more see our article, What is Programmatic Marketing?

How does native advertising work?

Native ads are small ads that you often see at the bottom of news sites like CNN, The Weather Channel, MSN and literally thousands of other websites. These native ads look like they “belong” on the page because they match the design of the website. Native advertising is programmatic advertising but instead of serving banner ads, native ads are made up of text, and sometimes an image or a logo, depending on the format of the ad.

Native advertising has an advantage because many times a native ad has a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than a banner ad does.

Programmatic ad exchanges

Here are some of the programmatic ad exchanges we use to deliver marketing campaigns to enthusiasts.

programmatic advertising companies use ad exchanges

Programmatic audience providers

Here are some of the data sources of audiences we use to target programmatic marketing campaigns to enthusiasts.

programmatic advertising audiences

Is programmatic marketing right for your aftermarket business?

As one of the best programmatic advertising companies, we’re excited about the options you have to optimize your marketing campaigns.

For one thing we can get very precise with programmatic marketing audiences. There are tens of thousands of options but here are a few examples:
In-market (ready to buy) shoppers for auto parts and accessories, by vehicle make
High auto parts spenders, verified by American Express
Interest in vintage and classic cars
Enthusiasts who watch auto TV shows like Overhaulin’ or Chasing Classic Cars
Enthusiasts who have an interest in performance cars
Consumers who used Instant Oil Change
Enthusiasts who perform DIY auto repair and maintenance
Enthusiasts who own an off-road vehicle
Diesel truck owners, by vehicle make

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