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Our email marketing program brings fans to your race track or event!

Hedges & Company knows that there is more to selling tickets than just sending emails. You have to work to keep your database up to date, gather new prospects and create offers that your fans can't resist. That's why we are a full-service email agency offering all the services your racetrack needs to keep fans coming back.

Our email marketing services include email newsletters, email ticket offers, email append services, email list rentals, and email change of address (ECOA).

We reach hundreds of thousands of race fans each month to help race tracks sell more tickets. With us, you can send personalized emails to your fanbase about your events. Offer them coupons, discounts and early renewals to keep them coming back for more!We can send emails to your fanbase on a regular basis, keeping them informed about your events and boosting sales by linking them directly to where they can buy tickets. You can create the content yourself and we will distribute, or we can write the copy and send with your approval! By keeping in touch with your fans on a regular basis, you will stay top of mind as a source of entertainment. We can build your fanbase by collecting emails from your tickets and ticket sales, every single one will be 100% opted-in! motorsports marketing, event marketing

Make your emails an experience, not just a message!

Put the excitement of your track right into the email with your best images placed with your stories and upcoming events. Embed your pictures and even videos right into your emails to peak your fans' interest and give them a taste of the electricity your events are made of! We can even customize your email template to give it a style of your own that matches your website, colors, logo or any design you like! You can also send trigger emails. For example, when a fan has a birthday our email system will automatically send them a "Happy Birthday" email with their name at the top!

You can do it all

Not only can you create and send news content to your fans, but you can also add new fans' email addresses to your database. With each event you have, your customer base will grow as opt-in fans give their email address to you on ticket stubs. We will take those tickets and add them to your customer database so they will receive your news in the future. These fans are 100% opt-in and only part of your database!

We can also survey your fans after an event to give you general information about fans, what they liked and disliked, how satisfied they were with the event, which days they came and all sorts of other information. Most importantly, the fans can write their own comments - voicing approval or telling you of any problems they encountered so you can make sure it doesn't happen again. You can even reach out to the dissatisfied customers to assure them next time they won't have any problems!

Start marketing now

Give us a call today for a quote at (234) 380-1650 and we can set you up with an email program to fit your needs and sell more tickets!