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From auto parts Pay-Per-Click (auto parts PPC) advertisements to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), automotive paid search is the automotive digital marketing vehicle for getting your automotive products seen. Yet, much more than just being seen, paid search enables your products to be viewed by the right people.

Marketing your automotive products on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, social media ads on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and other search management services, you’re able to target your audience with pinpoint precision. This means your parts will be strategically shown to individuals from the right market segment, geographic location and stage of the marketing funnel.

Automotive paid search (PPC) is consistently one of the most effective marketing investments you can make. At least 90% of auto enthusiasts now shop for, or do pre-purchase research for their auto parts online, with the overwhelming majority of search volume happening on the Google search platform including Google Shopping. Successful paid search will position your company at the top of the rankings, so prospects see your products first.

Paid search ads and Google Shopping ads are a great option for automotive parts because beyond being highly targeted, they are also easily measured. For your automotive parts business, this translates to higher click-through rates (CTRs) and a return on investment (ROI) that is easily tracked.

Hedges & Company is a leader in the digital marketing field for the aftermarket automotive parts industry. Our rich experience in paid search is leveraged for your success in every campaign that we develop. More than experience, we also bring certified expertise to the table. We’ve earned Google’s highest ranking—the Premier Google Partner badge.

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Our paid search plans:

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Automotive Paid Search ServicesGoogle Shopping PlanBase Paid Search PlanEcommerce Leader
Monthly combined spend with Google, Bing and other search networksUnlimited monthly spendUp to $15,000 spend$15,000 spend and up
Google Paid Search and Display NetworkN/A
Bing Paid Search NetworkN/A
Google Shopping and Bing Shopping ads
Google Remarketing campaignsN/A
Google Dynamic Remarketing campaigns
Google and Bing Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLAs)
Competitor keyword and paid search analysisN/A
Google AdWords account maintenance
Google Analytics linked to AdWords
Strategic bid and campaign management
Banner ad creationN/AAdditional
Ad testingN/A
Agressive keyword expansion and build out
Weekly or bi-weekly conference call with Account Team
Weekly reporting on account performance and ROI
Bi-weekly or monthly reporting on account performance and ROI
Monthly conference call with Account Team
Set up Google Merchant Center
Create Google Merchant Center product data feed
Website conversion analysis and consultation
Support and custom reporting from Automotive Google Partner Agency team
Google phone call trackingN/A
Bing phone call trackingN/A

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