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Sell more to customers with email marketing

We're experts at building customer databases, creating segmentation strategies and email marketing.

Here's why we're different than every other email marketing company:

We're experts at building customer marketing databases and don't require any special customer file format from you to get started.
We have over three decades of experience integrating database marketing and email.
We're professionals at predictive analytics and building highly profitable statistical mailing models for catalog mailings.
If we integrate your email with postal direct mail, we do National Change of Address (NCOA) processing in-house.

email segmentation strategyDatabase development and segmentation

We've built customer databases ranging from 10,000 to over 1 million records and created segmentation strategies to increase sales. If every automotive or truck customer of your is different, they should recieve different emails too! Customers buy more when they receive an email that's been customized for their interests and buying history. We've segmented and delivered over 100 million emails in a single year. We've also used customer databases for predictive analytics and built mailing models for profitable auto parts catalog mailings from 50,000 to 2 million catalogs.

Automotive Email Marketing ServicesIncluded
Whitelisted IP addresses with major ISPs including Gmail,, Yahoo and more whitelisted email
Fully managed optimized graphics and content email marketing
Email list management, including instant unscribes, hard/soft bounce management database marketing
Fully managed customer marketing database database marketing
Decades of experience marketing to auto and truck enthusiasts database marketing
Strategic promotion or product category planning for maximum revenue and ROI email marketing
SPF record added to your DNS for maximum deliverability SPF record
Embedded Google Analytics code for complete revenue and traffic reporting Google Analytics code
No expensive or complicated widgets to install or APIs to integrate with your site SPF record
Custom segmentation strategies based on your customers' profiles including buying history customer segmentation
Customer retention and customer reactivation strategies customer retention strategy
Ability to also manage postal addresses and match to email addresses postal direct mail
Ability to create catalog/direct mail lists including customer segmentation and key coding direct mail strategy
In-house NCOA processing of customer mailing list for maximum list hygiene mailing list NCOA
Subject line testing testing subject lines
Day of week, time of day testing day of week email testing
Built-in social sharing in your customers' own Facebook and Twitter accounts social marketing
Built-in "Share with a Friend" emails social marketing
Custom email sign up pages based on inbound source (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Full reporting on clicks, opens, unsubscribes, revenue, hard and soft bounces
Private label email coming "from" your domain private label email marketing
Private label email, no ads or links for our services at the bottom of the email
Private label email, no Hedges & Company logo at the bottom of the email
One-time account setup fee and activation $1,500 billed once
Monthly account management fee for a minimum of 2 emails/month (quote) $1,100/month and up
Click or call us (234) 380-1650 today

email marketingEmail marketing and catalog mailing

At Hedges & Company, we're experts at direct mail and email. If you are a multi-channel marketer with a catalog, or even if you are considering direct mail, we can help you. Our staff has years of experience mailing catalogs and building high-response, high-ROI mailing models. We have used various statistical models to mail catalogs and have saved clients literally millions of dollars over the years.

email social marketingBuilt-in social sharing

Our email platform includes built-in social sharing. Your customers are one click from logging into their social media accounts, to share your good news with their friends. Not only does this allow your customers to share news, sales or promotions with their friends, it also gives their friends an opportunity to sign up for your mailing list too, letting your mailing list grow organically!

Conventional vs. automotive direct mail or email companies: What's the big difference?

Need to know the difference between automotive and non-automotive email marketing? We have a handy comparison chart to list typical marketing strategies that we think are vital to improving your email marketing results. Feel free to ask us questions about this list, or keep it in mind when you talk to any digital marketing agency that specializes in email marketing.

Automotive Email Marketing ActivityAutomotive Email Marketing AgencyNon-Automotive Direct Mail or Advertising Agency
Segmentation strategies:
Aftermarket shoppers usually have specific interests, for example, parts for a Cummins diesel engine in a Ram truck. As experts in automotive marketing we understand how this is different from someone who is a Powerstroke diesel or F-250 owner. Conventional agencies not familiar with the automotive aftermarket probably don't understand what makes one diesel platform different than another, or even why a diesel owner would buy different products than a gas-powered truck owner.
Retention or reactivation strategies: We often recommend strategies to keep customers engaged, or to get inactive customers to make another purchase. Some automotive products lend themselves to this type of marketing, while other products – perhaps products that are very specific in fitment or function – do not. Direct mail agencies or email providers not experienced in the differences in year/ make/ model fitment, in part function, or in market segment, may not recognize how some products may be effective in triggering a purchase and some may not.
Be familiar with auto parts functions and descriptions:
When we build emails we know how to describe products included in the email, as well as their fitment and function. We won't write silly or incorrect product copy. Direct mail agencies not experienced in the aftermarket may not be familiar with auto or truck parts, their purpose or function, or why an enthusiast would consider buying a product in the first place.

A comparison of email service providers

Here is a small comparison of various email service providers. Hedges & Company is a full-service, managed email service provider and may not compare directly to self-serve email platforms.

Email ServicesMailChimpiContactConstant ContactCheetahMailVertical ResponseHedges & Company
Custom autoresponders
Tracking and reporting
Sign up forms



match your website
One-stop shop: email, PPC, SEO, social marketing, research and mailing lists from one digital marketing agency          
Custom email design to match your website's look & feel          
Integration with direct mail      
Google Analytics integration  


Social media marketing      
built-in sharing
Plan customization      
Cost effective plans for more than 50,000 subscribers
Cost effective plans for more than 100,000 subscribers    
Never ads for email provider in the body of the email      
Custom testing      
Survey integration
Weekly or bi-weekly conference call with Account Team          
Bi-weekly or monthly reporting on account performance and ROI          
Monthly conference call with Account Team          
Integration with other digital marketing strategies & goals          
In-depth knowledge of automotive aftermarket          
Fully managed content development & graphics          
One-time account setup fee and activation $0 $0 $0 $1,500 one-time, waived if combined w/ other services
Monthly cost $10-$2,650   $35-$8,235 As high as $5,000 and up   Volume based; generally $1,100-$6,600
Monthly account management fee self-serve self-serve self-serve Included


About our experience: Hedges & Company has been around since 2004 but has experience managing Internet marketing dating back to the 1990s. Our team members have been involved with online marketing in the automotive aftermarket longer than anyone else we can think of. Give us a call or send us an email today to let us start managing your online marketing!

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