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auto parts marketing seo

SEO & content

Show up in Google with SEO best practices. Rank ahead of competitors in searches. Have web content and blogs that sell!
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online marketing

Online marketing

Reach buyers at the point of purchase. Appear on 1 million websites 24/7.
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Email & direct mail

Communicate directly to customers on promotions or new products. Send automated shopping cart abandon emails.
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google shopping

Google Shopping

Use Product Listing Ads (PLAs) with an optimized product feed using PIES or ACES data.
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Buyers are shopping 24/7. Your website should be their first stop.

Our team of experts will lead you through the complexities of today's digital marketing with complete reporting and transparency. We let you connect with buyers using online marketing, SEO, email, Google Shopping, blogs, social media and direct mail.

Auto parts paid search marketing with measurable ROI

google adwords managementToday's automotive consumers are constantly connected, moving from computer to tablet to phone while shopping. With a properly managed Internet campaign your marketing message will move across platforms, too. Reach auto parts buyers wherever they are, 24/7, through cost-effective paid search campaigns. We're the only Premier Google Partner agency dedicated to the automotive aftermarket.

Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for automotive buyers

Our Ohio-based team of experts all have years of experience in the best search engine optimization practices for Google and Bing. We eliminate your risk and expense of poorly-executed SEO strategies in your auto parts marketing. Make sure your pages rank higher organically than your competitors with our experienced SEO team.

Automotive email services

Use email to maximize sales dollars with our managed email services. There is no email software to buy or learn, no staff to hire, and no email list maintenance. It's easy to get started whether you already have a customer email marketing database, or if you have many assorted files from multiple departments.

Google Shopping Ads

We're experts at Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) used in Google Shopping. We start by taking your product data from your website, then we optimize it and match it to Google Shopping's specification and categories. Then we manage it and feed it directly to Google to trigger the Product Listing Ads. We can also add custom promotions to your PLAs.

Automotive email and segmentation: the secret to higher profits.

Your customers aren't identical, so why should you send them identical email? By identifying and qualifying your customers, we can send them emails on products and services that match their interests. Targeted email increases your open rates and click-through rates. Here are some email segmentation examples:
Ford owners vs. Chevy owners or Dodge owners.
Buyers of performance parts vs. accessories buyers.
Best customers vs. older customers.

Share with a friend  to reach beyond your own email list

Your email program comes with a feature allowing your customers to log in to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts to share your email with their friends. This goes beyond simply linking to your company's social media sites by getting your customers to spread the word. Watch as the impact from emails suddenly grows as your customers share your offers or contests with their friends who aren't on your mailing list.

Automotive marketing to your profitable multichannel customers

Multichannel customers, those who shop online as well as in a catalog, can be some of your most profitable customers. The Wall Street Journal reported on a study done by the US Postal Service, and wrote, "...consumers who received catalogs from a retailer spent 28% more on that retailer's Web site than those who didn't get a catalog. 'The more often you mail,' the study said, 'the more sales you could see.' " That's just more evidence of what we've known for years. We can identify your multichannel customers and design a program to maximize your sales and profits from these customers. The Journal also reported on small companies that eliminated direct mail to save money. They discovered their sales dropped as a result. This article talks about how those companies went back to direct mail.

We'll help you measure the results of your efforts. It's not unusual to have an R.O.I. of 10:1, 15:1 or even 20:1. The DMA reported, " investment of $1 in direct...advertising expenditures is predicted to return, on average, $11.65 in incremental revenue...and is expected to improve further to $11.73..."

ROI on various forms of advertising

Method of AdvertisingRevenue Produced
Commercial email $43.62 for every $1 spent
Internet search advertising $21.85 for every $1 spent
Non-catalog direct mail $15.22 for every $1 spent
Overall average $11.65 for every $1 spent

Source: The DMA's The Power of Direct Report was prepared and is updated every year. Incorporating the most recent data available on developments in all sectors of the US economy, it aims to help marketers plan expenditures, sales, ROI, and employment.

Auto parts marketing case studies

Working with one client we did extensive analysis on customers over several years and in one year we reduced annual expenditures well into six figures with minimal impact to overall sales, adding significantly to the company's net profit... We created a database program for a client and sent an email offer to 11,000 of the best prospects and generated over $75,000 in sales in 48 hours... We developed customer contact strategies by channel and saved over $150,000 with no adverse sales impact, sending all of that to the bottom line... We took over managing a paid keyword search campaign designed to send web traffic to a client's site and increased the click-through rates 500%... We created a new media plan for a client and saved more than $40,000 per year through improved targeting...We found tens of thousands of potential new customers for a client based on a customer profile that we created that tied into mailing lists available through numerous data companies.

Here are more examples of our client work.

Learn about direct mail response rates and email response rates.