auto parts marketing

We're different than any other digital marketing agency.

Hedges & Company clients are setting sales records.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. We do SEO and content development for retail or manufacturer aftermarket websites

ls valve cover search253x52Show up in Google with our SEO best practices. Rank ahead of your competitors in searches. Have web content that sells product! We optimize and develop content on most major website platforms including Magento, WordPress, WebShopManager, AspDotNetStorefront, Shopify, eTool Developers, RevolutionParts, and others. More >

2. We're the only Premier Google Partner agency focused on the aftermarket

google adwords managementWe have a lot of advanced training on Google AdWords and we've been tested and certified by Google. We have to meet standards for customer service and we have access to the latest Google research, support and beta ad platforms exclusively for our clients. More >

3. We're experts at online marketing for OEM or aftermarket products

laptop ipad phone200x113Reach buyers at the point of purchase. Your ads appear on 1 million websites 24/7 on desktop computers or mobile devices. We have years of experience using best practices for Google, Bing and Facebook paid search. We deliver positive ROI and eliminate the waste of poorly-executed marketing strategies. Our paid search services are backed with regular, detailed reporting. More >

4. We're experts at email marketing and direct mail

email direct mail100x67Talk directly to your customers on sales promotions or new products. Use email to maximize sales. There's no software to buy or learn, no staff to hire, and no email list maintenance. We deliver millions of emails to parts buyers every year and we make it easy for you to get started. More >

5. We manage Google Shopping ads and Google Merchant Center data feeds

google shopping200x85We're experts at Google Shopping. We take product data from your website, optimize it with PIES or ACES data, and match it to Google Shopping's specifications. We can use data directly from a manufacturer, DCi, the SEMA Data Coop, Illumaware, or other data sources. We manage your data feed updates to the Google Merchant Center and update your prices or set up sales promotions. More >

6. We audit websites and online marketing programs

magnifyingglass300x250We're experts at analyzing Google Analytics, site code, organic or paid search, and more. If you're concerned your site isn't being found, you're paying too much, or your site isn't structured correctly, get an audit. Get a complete analysis of your site, your competitors' sites, and how you measure up to best practices. Test your mobile site vs. non-mobile site. Find out how you compare with expected conversion rates, click-through rates, organic vs. paid traffic and more! More >

7. We're from your industry and we're involved

logo array201x109We've been in the powersports, motorsports and aftermarket industries for a long, long time. We love it and we speak your language. We attend industry trade shows, we're active in industry events, and have been invited to speak at the SEMA Show, CAN Connect (formerly the PWA Conference), the PRI Show, AASA conferences, and other industry events. More importantly, we understand how to reach the consumers that drive this industry.


Auto parts marketing success stories

Working with one client we did extensive analysis on customers over several years and in one year we reduced annual expenditures well into six figures with minimal impact to overall sales, adding significantly to the company's net profit... We created a database program for a client and sent an email offer to 11,000 of the best prospects and generated over $75,000 in sales in 48 hours... We developed customer contact strategies by channel and saved over $150,000 with no adverse sales impact, sending all of that to the bottom line... We took over managing a paid keyword search campaign designed to send web traffic to a client's site and increased the click-through rates 500%... We created a new media plan for a client and saved more than $40,000 per year through improved targeting...We found tens of thousands of potential new customers for a client based on a customer profile that we created that tied into mailing lists available through numerous data companies. Here are more examples of our client work.

Automotive email and segmentation: the secret to higher profits.

Your customers aren't identical, so why should you send them identical email? By identifying and qualifying your customers, we can send them emails on products and services that match their interests. Targeted email increases your open rates and click-through rates. Here are some email segmentation examples:
Ford owners vs. Chevy owners or Dodge owners.
Buyers of performance parts vs. accessories buyers.
Best customers vs. older customers.

Share with a friend  to reach beyond your own email list

Your email program comes with a feature allowing your customers to log in to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media accounts to share your email with their friends. This goes beyond simply linking to your company's social media sites by getting your customers to spread the word. Watch as the impact from emails suddenly grows as your customers share your offers or contests with their friends who aren't on your mailing list.

Learn about direct mail response rates and email response rates.