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Monthly level of account management and optimization12 hours SEO optimization/month25 hours SEO optimization/month
SEO long-term strategic planning with client
Auto parts SEO management for Google and Bing
Follow SEO best practices and “white hat” practices
Set up and monitor Google Search Console
Set up and monitor Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics linked to Google Search Console
Ongoing competitor keyword and search analysis
Ongoing optimization of page titles
Ongoing optimization of meta descriptions
Optimization of on-page content, product descriptions
Continual submission of optimized pages to Google & Bing
Google RankBrain prioritization of pages with lowest 50% CTR
Blog post content creation and development
Manage WordPress or WebShopManager blog including tags and categories
Add JSON-LD code to website for SEO/local search
Add microdata to website for SEO
Bi-weekly or monthly reporting on account performance and ROI
Monthly conference call with your Hedges Account Team
Manage social postings in Facebook, Twitter or Google+
Optimize & manage Twitter and Google+ profile pages
Website conversion analysis and consultation
Natural inbound link building via social marketing

We work with these web platforms, automotive parts data providers and automotive data formats

Magento ecommerce platform
WordPress platform
web shop manager auto parts
revolution parts ecommerce platform
etool developers auto parts websites
Woocommerce for WordPress
BigCommerce web platform
Shopify ecommerce web platform
PIES auto parts data standard
ACES auto parts data standard
dci auto parts data
sema data coop parts data seo
PartsHub auto parts data

Free analysis of your auto parts online marketing!

Even if you have an agency already managing your paid search campaigns in Google AdWords or in the Yahoo/Bing Network, qualified websites can receive a free analysis of current online automotive marketing. We might help you find ways to improve your ROI or organically increase your auto parts sales. (You’ll see terms like “organic search” or “natural search” used when referring to Search Engine Optimization, but it all means the same thing.)

In the aftermarket, online marketing is critical to reach today’s auto, marine and motorcycle shoppers

  • More than 4 out of 5 automotive enthusiasts begin their search online using Google, Bing and Yahoo. That’s what makes automotive SEO so important!
  • Consumers are constantly connected: they move effortlessly from computer to tablet to phone and your Internet marketing should, too.
  • Enthusiasts use the Internet to research products and make decisions on where to buy, as well as which brand to buy.
  • Internet marketing benefits manufacturers as much as it does retailers. Manufacturers can control their own branding message using SEO.

Automotive parts SEO Company, Sell More Online

Sell auto parts? We can create effective organic search campaigns to drive more sales to your website. You can reach buyers while they’re shopping and making buying and brand decisions. It’s important to develop page content in the context of what consumers are searching for, so we pay close attention to long tail keywords, like part type or make, model and year. You’ve probably heard “content is king” but context of a search is a close second (maybe context is the queen?). You’ll want your product pages to show up for searches with a high purchase intent.

Automotive parts SEO for Manufacturers

Reach shoppers making buying decisions by using effective organic search marketing. More than half of all auto parts & accessories buyers visit manufacturer websites to do research before buying a product. Bring your new products to market and create consumer demand and pull-through sales. Online marketing lets you take control of your brand.

Automotive Parts SEO for Franchisors & Buying Groups:

Drive sales to your retail outlets with Internet marketing based on geographic location using local search optimization. Increase the value of your buying group or franchise brand and help your retailing partners be stronger competitors in today’s changing online marketplace. We work with both franchise websites and individual franchisee websites to increase visibility for local and mobile search results. We can either work directly with franchisees or work through the main franchise or buying group office.

Conventional vs. automotive SEO companies: What’s the difference?

Here’s a handy comparison chart of typical online marketing strategies that we think are vital to improving your search results, and increase your visibility and sales. Feel free to ask us questions about this list, or keep it in mind when you talk to any digital marketing agency that specializes in paid search, whether you’re talking to us or another Google Partner agency.

Automotive online Marketing ActivityAutomotive Parts SEO AgencyNon-automotive Marketing or Advertising Agency
Strategies to be found for “long tail” search, or search terms using 3 or more words for auto aftermarket SEO:Aftermarket shoppers usually use long tail (3 or more words) keywords. Examples: vehicle submodel, year/make/model, market segment, or part function, like “2012 Mustang cold air intake” or “Duramax diesel exhaust kit.”Conventional agencies not familiar with the automotive aftermarket probably don’t understand these long tail searches terms, or may not know the differences in generations of car/truck models that use different types of engines.
Retargeting/remarketing campaigns:We often recommend setting up targeted remarketing/retargeting campaigns to reach enthusiasts who have been in specific sections of your website. For example, a remarketing campaign for exhaust kits; getting more precise you could display remarketing ads for F-150 kits to shoppers who looked at those types of kits but displaying ads for Silverado exhaust would be a waste.Search agencies not experienced in the differences in year/make/model fitment, in part function, or in market segment, may not recognize the importance of being very targeted to automotive enthusiasts. These agencies will often recommend one retargeting campaign across your entire website, missing a big opportunity to be more effective.
Be familiar with automotive industry trends and use these trends in online marketing:Aftermarket industry trends are important, especially new products. Every year you’ll find us at the SEMA Show, the AAPEX Show or the PRI Show, digging into trends or browsing the new products section.PPC or SEO companies from outside the automotive aftermarket may not realize the importance of these trends in marketing, and may not be aware of these annual industry trade shows.

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And finally, please watch this helpful video from Google on how to hire an SEO agency.


Hedges & Company has been around since 2004 but our experience managing Internet marketing dates back to the 1990s. Our team members have been involved with online marketing in the automotive aftermarket longer than anyone else we can think of. Let us get started managing your online marketing, give us a call or send us an email today.

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